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All Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

  • Prices from £9
  • A sleek option for any window, especially great for large windows and patio doors
  • Great alternative to old fashioned net curtains
  • Tilt the louvres to control light and privacy

Made to Measure Vertical Blinds

If great value for money is top of your agenda, then look no further than our versatile made-to-measure Vertical blinds. With adjustable louvres to filter the light coming into your home, our practical Verticals will provide the perfect balance of light and privacy. And with a great choice of stunning shades and understated tones, we've a colour to suit every taste and décor.

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Our simple and easy to use Vertical blinds always prove to be popular. With all year round lower prices, they're excellent value for money. And you'll be surprised at the high quality that you can expect from one of Blinds Supermarket's lowest priced blinds.
Vertical blinds are ideal for any room in your home. Perfect for both large and smaller windows, they provide a great solution for bay windows and patio doors.
If your window is overlooked by neighbours, then the adjustable louvres are perfect for keeping out prying eyes. And the same fingertip control can be enjoyed over the light coming in through your windows.
We also offer a variety of fabrics with special finishes. Our dim-out fabrics are perfect for bedrooms, encouraging a restful night's sleep on bright mornings and light nights. And our moisture-resistant fabrics are an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.